Free Spins on Montezuma

Your ability to win jackpots in any digital slot machine game depends to a large extent on your ability to earn free spins. The reason is simple: more spins give you more chances of winning. Free spins are commonly awarded to players in most slot machine games, as a part of a method of keeping the game interesting while avoiding jackpot wins. Because of the role that free spins play in these games, the Montezuma digital slot machine game gives players one of the best opportunities they will ever have for beating the odds and winning jackpots. Montezuma, recently released by WMS Games, features a free spin award with a multiplier, and it will keeping you involved in your gaming sessions so long that your chances of getting a jackpot become extremely good.

Explaining Retriggers and the Shield Symbol

Montezuma uses a special system for awarding free spins called the Williams Bonus Wheel. It was designed to be prolific, handing out free spins of and then allowing unlimited retriggers, which are free spin awards that you win when you use your initial free spin. This allows a repeating cycle to be possible, and several players have videotaped themselves working through free spins for as long as a half an hour. Montezuma has a classic five reel wide and three rows tall Vegas slot layout, and the symbol that awards a free spin is the Aztec Shield. You get a win with the Shield itself whenever you spin up three of them, anywhere on the display. Normally, of course, winning matches have to fit on a payline, starting at the left. The Shield appears less often than the rest of the symbols in the game. It makes take a lot of spins to get a Shield win, but once you get one, prepare for a long ride.

Examining the Details of Free Spin Awards

The free spins awarded by the Shield symbol are interesting for the multipliers that accompany them. When you get the Shield win, you first get the multiplier for your cash stake, and this means that 3 Shields gives you a 3x multiplier of the cash you have won, while 4 shields and 5 shields give you 10x your cash. You are then directed to the Bonus Wheel, which is actually two wheels in one. This Wheel will pick two numbers for you: first, the number that they are multiplied by is chosen from among 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x. Second, the amount of free spins you will get is selected from among 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, and 25. As you can see, it is possible that these multiple spins in the Wheel can result in as many as 25) free spins, and this doesn’t even take account of any retriggers you may win.

The Value of Free Spins

While Montezuma offers players fairly normal house edge of 5 percent and jackpot awards at a normal frequency, the Williams Bonus Wheel is a great new look at the old way of distributing free spins. The game is not afraid to keep players involved and energized, and with so many free chances now available, it deserves its place as one of the most popular games around.

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